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Questions about our Bean Bag Chairs

How long has Heavenly Bean Bags been in business?
 Heavenly Bean Bags was established in October of 2001

Are Heavenly bean bag chairs safe?
Yes! Unlike older style bean bag chairs, Heavenly bean bags are zipped with child proof locks.  The lock can not be opened without being cut.  Therefore small children are unable to get inside the bag or make a mess of the pellets.  As with any soft item, never leave babies unattended in a bean bag (or unattended in general :) )

Do Heavenly bean bags have washable covers?
Our BASIC BEAN BAGS are filled with polystrene pellets.  You can remove the cover, but you have to dump out the pellets.  For easier washing, our PREMIUM BEAN BAGS are filled with a REMOVABLE INNER LINER that is filled with pellets.

What type of filler are Heavenly bean bag chairs filled with?
     Heavenly bean bags are filled with very tiny virgin poly-styrene pellets. Our bean bag filler is incredibly comfortable because of the small size and flexibility of the pellets.  Virgin pellets are very important because they hold a very small round shape. Many people ask us about shredded foam bean bags...we've tried it, and they are not comfortable.  Other bean bag companies claim that shredded foam bean bags are more comfortable...but the reason they claim that is  because they cost them less money to ship (you can suck out the air before shipping).  We focus on comfort.

Do Heavenly bean bag chairs lose their original shape?
     Over time,  air seeps out of the pellets and they flatten some.  In a normal house hold this will not be noticeable for more than a year, but if the bag is constantly used or badgered it may happen sooner.  However, reasonably priced poly-styrene refills are available and adding a bag every couple of years will eliminate this problem.

What is your return policy?
     You may return your bean bag chair within 30 days for a full refund (excluding shipping) if it has no visible wear and tear.  Please contact us (207) 841-5054 before doing so.  If, after 30 days, there is any problem with the seams let us know immediately and WE WILL REPAIR OR REPLACE THE COVER for the life of our business.

Can I pick up my bean bag chair in Maine?
     Yes, Definitely.  There is no shipping charge if you pick up your bean bag in Maine.   We are located at 171 High St. Belfast, Maine 04915.  When the web site asks you if you want your bag shipped to your billing address or to another address, select your billing address.  On the next page select "Shipping is not necessary, I will pick up my bean bag." 

How are Heavenly bean bags shipped?
Our Bean Bag Chairs ship via Fed Ex ground.  They are shipped directly from Maine.  

The following items come in an individual box

  • Ottomans

  • Small Bean Bags

  • Medium Bean Bags

  • Large bean bags 

The following items come in multiple boxes

  • Extra Large Bean Bag Chairs

  • Jumbo Bean Bag Chairs

Shipping is inclueded in the price of the following items...

  • Bean Bag Refill

How much does shipping cost?

Many Bean Bag websites claim FREE SHIPPING...

In actuality, that is IMPOSSIBLE!  Bean bags are LARGE and therefore VERY expensive to ship (even MORE than what we charge).  If a website claims free shipping, be assured that the cost is taken from the quality of the bag.  We would LOVE to offer free shipping, but the quality of our bags are of utmost priority and we want you to know exactly where your money is going.

To reduce your shipping cost to $10...
Order a bean bag cover IN ANY SIZE from us and buy the filler in your neck of the woods

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