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Photos of Inspector Squeegee in our Bean Bags

All bean bag fabrics have been thoroughly
tested by Inspector Squeegee.

This page is dedicated to Aunt Sylvia and Uncle Steve who come
the bean bag store on the weekends to visit Squeegee.

Cat in Microfiber Beanbag

"Comfy.  Need a little more testing time."

Cat in Tapestry Beanbag Chair

"Nice, but could you turn out the lights?"

Cat in Tiger print Velboa bean bag

"Seems strangely familiar."

Cat in chennille beanbag

"This side is good.  I'll try the other side tomorrow."

can in denim beanbag ottoman

"For a footrest this is awesome!"

Cat in Polka Dot Beanbag Chair

"This one is nice in spots."

Cat on Color Changing Fabric

"This morphing material is a step in the right direction."

Cat in Lime Green Bean Bag Chair

"I like it.  It matches my eyes."

Cat on Faux Fur Bean Bag

"Is there hair on my face?"

Cat on Purple Chennille Beanbag Chair

"I'm too cute for this bag."

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