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Sunday, January 13 2013
49. My husband Matt being able to close up shop so he could be with me at the hospital (while I delivered our son, Teal)
50. Visiting "daddy" (Matt) at work

51. My favorite place to feed little Teal - you guessed it, in our Heavenly Bean Bag :)
52. The beautiful Christmas lights that Matt put up in and around our shop
53. Meeting happy customers in random places...and not even knowing they are customers until somehow the bean bags come up in conversation
54. Making it through the holiday season (it is a bit crazy around here in December)
55. Looking forward to updating our website now that things have slowed down a bit
56. A new high end children's consignment shop in Camden, Bubbles & Bean, that wants to display our bean bags...and all the great toys they have that kept my children entertained while I shopped
57. Being able to be at home with my four (wow, four!) precious children
58. Customers who call just to say thanks
59. Repeat customers
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