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Wednesday, May 29 2013

Well, I thought I'd take a few minutes to finish up my summary of what makes our bean bags different.  Before I begin, I can't help but share with you this picture I just snapped. Our big kids (5,3,2) are sleeping but our little guy is right here hanging out with me as I type.  Doesn't he look comfy?

I've already mentioned, in the previous post, a few reasons why he's so comfy (head,neck & back support - high quality fabrics - etc...) but I've got a few more for ya.  First of all - our filler.  There are lots of websites out there that will swear by shredded foam filler - but I'm afraid I totally disagree!  Our bean bags are filled with teeny brand new BB sized pellets.  They are what make the bag totally conform to your shape.  The foam filler is soft, but it doesn't move with you - so you can't get the head and neck support that we are famous (at least here in Maine) for!  Heavenly Bean Bag's polystrene pellets make the softest, most versatile, lightweight and comfortable filler, by far.  And just for a little inside info - the companies that try to sell you on the shredded foam - it is just because it saves them money.  Shredded foam can be shipped much less expensively than polystrene, but I'm telling you - it isn't worth what you lose in comfort!

Another great aspect of Heavenly Bean Bags are our covers.  All of our bean bags come with removable covers.  You can save a few dollars by going with our basic bags (the covers come off but the filler is not in a separate liner) or go for our premium bags which include an inner bag that makes the covers easy to remove and wash.

And if you are concerned about safety - you've got nothing to worry about.  All of our bean bags come with child proof locks.  They are easy enough for adults to remove (to add filler) but too hard for curious little fingers to get into.  Of course, as with any soft product - you do want to be sure you never leave a baby unattended.

We've got lots of choices when it comes to size.  Whether you're looking for toddlers (extra small), kiddos (small), teens (medium), adults (large) or multiple seating (extra large) - we've got em' all.  We even make custom bean bags.  We've made some so big we couldn't have fit them into our house if we tried!  We've made clear bean bags that looked like they were filled with candy, cloud shaped bean bags, fruit and vegie shaped bean bags, bean bag snow men, ice cream cones and the list goes on.

Once again, there are LOTS more wonderful things I could mention about our products...but the little guy who was smiling in the earlier picture, well - he needs his momma.

Stay tuned for some creative ways our customers have used our bean bags!

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Tuesday, May 28 2013

     Well, as I mentioned on our ABOUT page, I started out as a bean bag customer (well, a wannabe customer) and had NO IDEA I would ever start a bean bag business.  I'll never forget the first time I sat in a Heavenly Bean Bag (well, it wasn't officially a Heavenly bean bag...since there was no such thing back then - but VERY similar).  I was incredily impressed at the size and comfort of the bean bag.  I had truly never sat in anything so comfortable.  But, to be honest I was also a bit miffed.  It was over $100.  When Mr. Feldman, the owner of the Bean Bag Store, mentioned the price I laughed out loud. I thought he was kidding.  When I realized he wasn't, I was so frustrated.  For a bean bag?  I thought.  There is no way I could, or would, ever pay that much!  Fortunately I couldn't get the silly thing out of my head and did end up buying (well babysitting for) a large navy blue bean bag. 

     Now that I am in Mr. Feldman's shoes, I often end up in the same situation.  People love the bags - until they aks the price.  Believe it or not, I've even been cursed at because of the prices.  However on a regular basis, people come back.  They can't stop thinking about the bean bags - or how comfortable they are.  A bean bag is a bean bag, right?  Well, not exactly.  

Most bean bags are round.  The part of the body that is touching the bean bag is comfy - but it is usally only the lower half.  And, although that is a large part of the body (or at least it is on me) it isn't the part that needs the most support.  The upper body is where we feel our tension.  We need to relax our shoulders, close our eyes and say goodbye to the stress of the day.  Well, that is one of the best features of Heavenly Bean Bags - they are totally designed to support the head, neck and back...and more comfortably than the most expensive recliners!  Even though they look like round bean bag chairs, we've tweaked the seams just enough to make them completly supportive.

Once you're relaxed - your loved ones will be ready for their turn.  If they happen to be a lot shorter and cuter than you, or if they have a couple of extra legs, don't worry our bean bags are incredibly durable.  We use high quality upholstery fabrics and we tripple stich them!  We are so confident that they are going to last that we offer a lifetime guarantee on our seams.  Our seamstresses, who live right here in Maine, work diligently at making a quality product. 

Well, I thought I'd be able to sum up the differences of our bean bags while my kids were napping...but, they (we've got four) are all up and I've only just begun.  I'll go ahead and post these few differences for now - but don't you worry (I'm sure you would have lost sleep over it), I'll be back to post more!

Read the CONCLUSION - What's the difference, Part 2

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