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Sunday, June 23 2013

Well, it has been a rough couple of weeks for our family.  Even though I'm only 34, I recently had to have my right hip replaced.  For some reason I thought everything would go smoothly and quickly, but I'm afraid I was wrong.  The surgery was scheduled to take approximately 4 hours, it took 8.  I lost a lot of blood and had to have multiple blood transfusions.  I thought I'd be in the hospital for 2 to 3 days, I was there for 5.  I thought I'd be away from my husband and four children for 2 weeks, but its going to be at least 3.  I am trying really hard not to complain, and believe me I'm doing lots of praying.  If you want to read more about the surgery and the challenges that have come with it (and if you won't be offended by openly Christian comments and thought processing), feel free to check out my personal blog - www.graceinthe (specifically entries from June of 2013).

 I believe that all things work together for the good, and one really good thing about having so much time to myself is that I'm finally able to spend some time working on our website.  Keep your eyes open for lots of changes.  I'm hoping to make it much more clear, easy to navigate, and hopefully a little bit higher up on the search engines.  The website will also be much more socially interactive.  You'll be able to "like" and "share" individual bean bag chairs, write up product reviews, and make comments throughout the site.  If you do take the time to do any of those things, we would definitely appreciate it! We've gotten rave reviews on our products via snail mail, telephone, and email - but reviews on our website would help us in many ways.  I'll be sure to post again when the site is ready for your interactions!  In the mean time, if you are a person of prayer - please keep our family in your prayers.

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Sunday, June 23 2013

It looks like guestbooks are a thing of the past.  I didn't want to let go of my history though - so, I copied all our guestbook posts.  They go as far back as 2002!  If you'd like to interact with us from here on out - you're in the right place - our blog.

Name: Darlene Bellefleur     delete 
Date: 04/23/12
Message: Thanks for opening up for us Saturday. It was a pleasure meeting you. We will see you again soon, need another one and will want the covers as well. Darlene :-) 


Name: RICH ARMSTRONG     delete 
Date: 02/10/12
Message: I've had a bunch of different bean bags over the years and none of them have been any good. UNTIL NOW!! The Bean Bag I bought is everything you said it would be. I have 4 kids and that thing takes a beating and still like brand new. Thanks so much for selling a MADE IN THE USA Bean Bag thats outstanding!


Name: jessica inch     delete 
Date: 12/31/11
Message: Santa delivered bean bags for Christmas and my kiddos were THRILLED! Thank you for creating a great design and a high quality product that will surely stand the test of time.


Name: Amy     delete 
Date: 12/02/11
Message: We have owned one of the very large bean bags for 6 years when the store was at the Portland mall. It looks as good today as the day we bought it!


Name: arlene in colorado     delete 
Date: 11/17/11
Message: we will be getting these for our 4 kids for our "experience filled Christmas" this year. These and a few family movies and we are done shopping!..I'm sure the boxes they come in will be great fun too! Thanks for your personal attention on the phone today. We will send photos when we get settled in them!


Name: Celia Ernstrom     delete 
Date: 07/19/11
Message: Thank you for providing bean bags to us! I love all the pictures of your cat in the bean bags!


Name: Ron and Victoria Tarnawski     delete 
Date: 02/08/11
Message: Our Nieces KC and Christie Brown spend a lot of their time in their bean bags and I know they love them. Thank you for bringing a little comfort to their lives. Mission BC Canada


Name: Karen Hodgdon     delete 
Date: 01/13/11
Message: Thank you so much for the beautiful bean bag.........My step daughter said on christmas morning that her bean bag was the best gift under the tree (well maybe next to the tree) it is a large love seat) and she got portable dvd players, etc.etc......


Name: Rosemary Gagnon     delete 
Date: 01/08/11
Message: I LOVE my Heavenly bean bag chair. Thanks for your help today.


Name: Dee     delete 
Date: 12/08/10
Message: Love the new Christmas layout and I adore my large recliner!

Name: Michelle     delete 
Date: 12/03/10
Message: Great bags and fabrics! only suggestion...not that you were asking but i think it will help increase selling, crop out the cleaning products on the red suede photo. 


Name: Stacie     delete 
Date: 10/17/10
Message: I waited on you yesterday at Marden's in Brewer!! You guys bought a ton of GREAT fabrics and I can't wait to see the products you're going to create. All that you have here looks great, too! We hope to see you again soon!!


Name: Diane From mid-coast Maine     delete 
Date: 05/19/10
Message: I ordered the medium recliner in Canvas Cloud. It is incredibly comfortable and very well made. It is a bit difficult, however, to form it to the shape as depicted on the web site. Seems as if it needs more pellets; otherwise, I love the quality and the pure funky look it brings to a traditional room. The comfort can't be beat! 


Name: Elizabeth C. Tantillo     delete 
Date: 04/05/10
Message: Love the bean bags!


Name: Sandra Stout     delete 
Date: 01/15/10
Message: Hi Valerie, I'm best friends with your mother -in -law Lynn. She told me about your website and I passed it on to all my friends and family on facebook.I'll be praying for your business also. Blessings, Sandra...


Name: Kim     delete 
Date: 12/25/09
Message: Great beanbag with exceptional quality!Very friendly and helpful service. Would recommend your products and company! 


Name: kelly featherston     delete 
Date: 12/09/09
Message:  I can't wait to get this chair. Santa is bringing it to our kids! Val seemed very nice! If this is as nice as it looks, I WILL be buying more!


Name: Karen Barnette     delete 
Date: 10/07/09
Message: love the new color changing fabric ! Karen Barnette Summerfield, NC


Name: Timothy A. Kogstrom     delete 
Date: 09/19/09
Message:  Hope to hear from those concerned regarding answers to questions I asked. I also hope that I might be able to give my girlfriend something to comfort her in her time of stress. tim 


Name: Beverly     delete 
Date: 06/25/09
Message: Hi, Val. We live in Camden and are planning to head up to Belfast soon -- maybe even today. Can we purchase bean bags already made from you, or will we need to place an order and then head up to collect the bean bags later? We'll take a look when we're up your way. What a fun website!

Name: Cheryl Remillard     delete 
Date: 06/23/09
Message: These are wonderful - Its hard to choose just one. 


Name: Jane Hargrove     delete 
Date: 04/04/09
Message: We're delighted to see Katie and Madeline Craven on a heavenly bean bag. This fits those two super cheerful and positive girls to a tee. In real life Katie is a survivor and inspiration to us all


Name: Sarah     delete 
Date: 03/05/09
Message: Who is the little boy in the last photo? I think he should be a baby gap model!


Name: Kim Loper     delete 
Date: 03/02/09
Message: Hi Val, Love your bean bags. I'm looking around still at which one I like the best before I buy, but I'll let you know


Name: Dee     delete 
Date: 01/09/09
Message: your website is reallty nice and the bonus is all the beautiful pictures of you Val.


Name: Jessica Fulton (Palacio)     delete 
Date: 01/01/09
Message: Hi, Val I cannot believe how cool Trent's color morphing recliner is...Everyone was so impressed with it! My husband and I want to get a couple, but we need your advice. We'd like it mainly for our nephews to chill in front of the TV, but also big enough if an adult wants to sit in it. Which do you think is more comfy...the medium recliner or medium loveseat? Thanks! Jess


Name: Lynne Colburn     delete 
Date: 11/10/08
Message: Hi, I believe we have met in the mall on day a couple of years ago when I was helping a friend out in his kiosk of Jewelry shop in the mall(native American gentle man.) I came over to look at your art work.( or your husband-boyfriend)'s art work. Great! Are you going to be at the mall this year? I would like to take a look at your bean bags this time.I would like a large on to just sink into it. My email is please be in touch. thank you. Miss colburn 


Name: Lyn Monnette     delete 
Date: 10/15/08
Message: Hi Valerie, Thanks so much for your personal phone call regarding my inquiry through the Nickelodeon Hotel about your products. You have a great selection and excellent customer service. Can't wait to shop for the kids! Thanks again.


Name: nathan davis     delete 
Date: 04/29/08
Message: nice chairs would like a catalog........ 19470 cr 431 lindale,tx 75771


Name: Daman Hagene     delete 
Date: 04/29/08
Message: Hey Val...this site is awesome. your doin something everyone dreams in starting your own business. very proud of you. 

Name: sydney kraushaar     delete 
Date: 03/21/08
Message: We love Maine! Looking forward to seeing some of the fine work in the bean bag chair


Name: Misti     delete 
Date: 02/15/08
Message: Hi, I saw you folks at Applebee's this week. I can't wait to pick out my very own bean bag! 


Name: Brad from Falmouth     delete 
Date: 02/02/08
Message: I ordered two of these bags for a basement we were finishing and they have stood the test of time and teenagers! They are great bags and we are about to get another one for my daughters room!


Name: Jack Hudson     delete 
Date: 01/02/08
Message: These bean bags are freakin' awesome! If you DON'T like being comfortable and cool, then don't buy one. If you DO like being totally comfortable & max-relaxin', then buy one! 


Name: Amanda     delete 
Date: 12/10/07
Message: Hi Val, Just wanted you to know that I really did check out the website and I do have a bean bag chair on my Christmas list for this year. These bags are the best, I have sat in them few times (Mindy's house) Keep up the great work, website looks great!!


Name: Jonii Hagene     delete 
Date: 09/25/07
Message: Hi Cuz.... Just checkin out ur site per Linda's request! Very impressive!


Name: Darlene     delete 
Date: 09/19/07
Message: hi! It's Darlene Weigle (Wilson). I found your site through your myspace page. :) Email me if you want to at! Hope to hear from you soon. Love, D.


Name: Weekend Makeover TV     delete 
Date: 08/17/07
Message: Love your custom Beanbags!! Can't wait to have you guys on the show!! Matt Associate Producer Weekend Makeover TV


Name: Lobstergirl     delete 
Date: 07/20/07
Message: Hey Matt, Congratulations on your huge success.


Name: frank vastano     delete 
Date: 07/19/07
Message: thanks for the call back hope we can do business

Name: Alex-jeep     delete 
Date: 06/11/07
Message: Hi! Your website is really interesting! I like it! I invite to go on my site. jeep


Name: Kris Berglund     delete 
Date: 04/06/07
Message: I hope you and Matt are doing well. Your site looks AWESOME, especially with all of the little bean bags on top. If we're out your way this summer, we will swing by are say hi! 


Name: Mindy     delete 
Date: 03/17/07
Message: Okay, so I've been meaning to sign this book forever, so here goes. Heavenly Bean Bags are by far the most wonderful thing to sit your backside in than any other thing you could sit your backside in. My favorite part of the sitting experience is when you get it all set up and then drop into it. You almost hear a magical "poof" sound as you sink into this squishy, soft piece of heaven that just wraps around you. Without any effort or adjusting, your body is in the most perfectly comfortable position. Like magic your arms are resting comfortably on arm rests that just appear out of nowhere. It's the most popular chair in the house. I cherish every moment I get to sit in it, because the rest of the time I'm fighting with my husband, son, cat, and the occasional guest, who all want to sit in it, too and none of them seem to care that it was MY Christmas present NOT theirs! So, the moral of this story is, you have GOT to get one of these things and you might want to buy a couple extras for the rest of the family, too, or you'll never get to sit in it otherwise! 


Name: Abbey     delete 
Date: 03/16/07
Message: Val, I love the little bean bags along the top of your page! -Ab


Name: emonena onoriobe     delete 
Date: 03/03/07
Message: I am a bean bag and interior designer. Just going through your site for ideas.Nigeria


Name: Erich Sommers     delete 
Date: 01/18/07
Message: Highest Quality! I just received my Heavenly today and it is by far the best designed and quality constructed bean bag I have ever owned. Totally Awesome!!!


Name: Sharon Record     delete 
Date: 01/09/07
Message: I plan on purchasing one of your large loveseats very soon! They look incredibly comfortable! Sharon


Name: kate heredia     delete 
Date: 01/05/07
Message: I loved everything but did not get how much thay cost. Kate


Name: jamie Lee Woodbury Aka Owens Mom     delete 
Date: 12/29/06
Message: Hey Val i finally got to sit in one of your bags and it was soo good it was bad. cause now i have got to get one. i allso want to know if i can link to your web page let me know. jamie woodbury go OBW's


Name: David Gibson     delete 
Date: 12/06/06
Message: Hi Valerie, I liked your story on how you started your business...great idea and a great product...Good Luck!Name: Alexandria Goulet     
Date: 06/12/05
Message: Hey,cousin Whats up I was just looking at some of the beanbags on your site there cool I might get one but, I have to ask my mom first because with my baby sisters anything is possible. But, hopefully she will let me and I also just wanted to say hello. 


Name: louise     delete 
Date: 04/16/05
Message: I enjoy your site but I am mostly interested in the bag refills.


Name: Marcus Burton     delete 
Date: 03/15/05
Message: Greetings Valerie, I just wanted to visit your site and educate myself a bit on your product and what you do. Knowing your client a little better and what they do makes a difference when you are working with someone. Hope you have a prosperous day! PS. I am assuming that is you on the home page bean bag? Great ad! Marcus


Name: Hallie     delete 
Date: 02/24/05
Message: Awesome website! Love ya, Valerie and Matt!


Name: Nina Bennett     delete 
Date: 12/21/04
Message: Praise God.... He is so faithful and His plan for us is so perfect. Blessings in your new venture. I plan on buying one of your bags for my grandson for Christmas. In His Light, Nina


Name: Elizabeth Ashley-Pritchett     delete 
Date: 05/24/04


Name: jacki     delete 
Date: 02/15/04
Message: Hi HB2 This site looks great and Matt's paintings do too JEM


Name: Susan Wasserott     delete 
Date: 01/18/04
Message: Hi Val and Matt, Enjoyed spending time w/you @ Dave & Kerri's. Love your website, & the story of HB2. Matt, your paintings are awesome-praise God for both of your talent! Like to talk more about a BB for us after we return from FL. God Bless! Sue


Name: Regina Kelly     delete 
Date: 12/22/03
Message: hey VAl nice work Keep it going at cooks corner this year:) way to go


Name: Allan Svensson     delete 
Date: 11/19/03
Message: Hi, I visited your nice Web Site, and I wish you the best you can get, the peace of God through Jesus Christ. Welcome to visit my Site. Jesus loves you!

Name: Emily Carle     delete 
Date: 09/13/03
Message: Hey Val! Way 2 go gal, so proud of you! It all looks great, keep up the awesome work. Congrats on the wedding too! Love/KOZ EM :)


Name: Amber Chesebro     delete 
Date: 06/29/03
Message: Hey Natalie, I finally got a chance to check out your website-our computer has been messed up for the past week. Heavenly is the perfect way to describe those beanbags. I want one! Sometime when I'm feeling lucrative maybe. Hope you and Matt are doing well. Amber


Name: Alexandria Goulet     delete 
Date: 05/11/03
Message: Aunt Marie and I enjoyed reading your story.It was really amazing.Your writing showed that Jesus can bring great things and amazing things to happen to us.We hope your bean bags are selling well.Can you afford some beans now??????Wish you well with your business. Love Alex


Name: bagman     delete 
Date: 04/23/03
Message: You guys have a great product! Have you guys ever heard of ? You would love their game. later


Name: Nate Cox     delete 
Date: 12/29/02
Message: I love you guys! Your site rocks too. I need to talk Michelle into a bag. The kids would love em in NY. I didn't know you all were such business women/men. Very nice.


Name: Kendra Doutt     delete 
Date: 12/07/02
Message: My husband and I received our Heavenly bean bag as a wedding gift three and a half years ago. Literally hundereds of teenages from our youth group have found comfort in this amazing piece of furniture. Yet, you would never know how much it has been used by looking at it, b/c of it's great fabric and the quality with which it is made. Thanks for the great product!


Name: Kimberly Burrows     delete 
Date: 12/07/02
Message: Hey the beanbags are great. I wish I had one.


Name: paula burrows     delete 
Date: 12/07/02
Message: hey, cool website ! that was cool how you started heavenly bean bags. kermit says hi. the bean bags are really comfortable, i want one :)


Name: cassidy davis     delete 
Date: 11/02/02
Message: hi


Name: Tom Curtis     delete 
Date: 10/31/02
Message: Neat site! GO VAL

Name: Tara Curtis     delete 
Date: 10/27/02
Message: I have had my bean bag (that Heavenly Bean Bags is designed after) for years now. It is the most occupied spot in my house. People are always telling me how comfortable it is and how they never want to get out of it once they sat in it. I have to agree with them. My bean bag is one of my best purchases. Tara <><

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